New adaptation for lamps from Mackintosh GSA building

For the lamps saved and recovered from the fire of Mackintosh building with the group I proposed the concept of hanging them in the Reid GSA building. 

team members : Ciara Davin, Alisa Gurevich, Majida Khanfar, Lucy McInally, Sylwia Michalak, Julia Clare Sagias​

Visual of the interior

grey & pink with dark wooden floor

Furnitures in "Architects zone" in Fachowiec 

In a colaboration with Fachowiec's marketing team, I design combinated shalves which are surround zone for architects - clients zone from the rest of the store. This is a space for designing, showing samples or ideas for clients. Fachowiec is a company selling flooring and doors across Poland.

Proposal of design

Reception for Adidas office 


Maggie's Centre Taunton container project
architecture and interior


Riga Black Balsam laboratory

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