Green  power of nature

at Blythswood Square

On the site exist office-residential building and the one owned by Scottish power which is a substation. During the research process, I discovered how to improve the site and what is relevant to change.

Main aims at the site change:
-brighten up the dark, monochromatic buildings

-create attractive space in the city
-visualise the positive side of electricity
-make people notice the green park nearby
-add natural light into the office-residential building

Being focused on taking advantages of the site, and repairing the negative aspects, my design consists of an illumination installation around buildings and extension bay windows. During the day, we can see part of the buil- dings painted in green, at night time it is turning into the green light which gives after-dark dimension. Light will spread around the buildings on streets and lanes. I also created tree-shaped lamps which would replace the existing one and lighten up with green light at nights. From the street view, they remain about trees. 

Green colour in this project state for the positive influence of energy, which would be proven by solar panels here to be sustainable and at the same time it is a reference to the natural green area - Blythswood Square Park.

Mackintosh lamps at The Glasgow School of Art

This is a project of hanging up lamps saved from the library fire of Mackintosh building. Opportunity to hang them in the Reid building will allow to admire them. In a group, we propose to hang them at te 2nd level which is the busiest place in building, as students spent time there during lunch and meetings. The idea is to make a half mood construction in the 4th level and the chandelier would be suspended 8 meters. 

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